INFINITAS - gentler than usual! 

The four songs of their first single "Skylla" are melodic, rousing. The title song as well as Samael were already immortalized on the debut album of the Muotathaler and now put in a new light. The last song on the single CD offers something extraordinary. The clarinet melodies of Leprechaun were recorded by none other than the Swiss folk music icon Dani Häusler.


More detailed information on the individual songs can be found in the EPK download.

Mountains, cows, wild streams and melodic Thrash Metal with female vocals and violin? More likely a rare combination!


The Muotathaler Band INFINITAS, founded by Piri Betschart and Selv Martone in 2009, succeeds with the mystically melodious thunder 2015 already on the same stage as Bloodbound and  Alestorm and 2017 on the stage of the Z7 in Pratteln. With violin and female vocals in their luggage, the band breaks up the typical thrash pattern and generates a completely new image of metal.




Acoustic Version


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